Clash of Clans: Christmas Will Bring the Most Anticipated Release

It goes without saying that Clash of Clans (or CoC, as gamers call it) is the most epic video strategies ever released. Millions of gamers are intrigued by the Supercell’s promises to modify the game and make unconventional changes to the design, features and even heroes. There is fantastic news: the recent news finally revealed the release date – Christmas 2015!

As stated by online media companies, the CoC community are anticipating a set of tweaks. One of the major changes is gonna be Town Hall 11, which the enterprise is planning to present in early December. However, this report should be taken with a pinch of salt as there are no formal confirmations from developers in regards of the official launch day.

One of the members at Supercell stated that they have been working on a massive CoC update related to TH11. Another insider claimed that they are going to present new updates in the foreseeable future. The new town hall is going to be white and feature an open top. It has been reported that in addition to a new TH, the game will incorporate a new hero and a revolutionary system of defense. The much talked-about hero is supposed to be a mage since it has a staff in his hands. What concerns the state-of-the-art defense mechanism, its square is gonna be 4X4, which is quite a big step forward. Supercell is increasing the map size to 44 sq m.

There is great news for the gamers enjoying looting as loot sharing is gonna be a new feature introduced this winter. Therefore, players will have a chance to share some part of their loot with another clan fellow.

As for the training of troops, it will cost a bit more than expected. Some sources gossip that new spells are being developed as well. What is more, there is speculation that to-of-the-line maps and quests for a single player game. If you believe that you need some tips to be prepared for the launch, pay attention to the following points created by AllClash.

- Start saving! Since new attractive options will be out there from December, get ready! Many resources, namely all types of elixirs, will be essential to upgrade to new spells.

- Postpone your upgrades for some time. Indeed, it is not a good idea to go for a max update if a new major update is at the corner.

- Stay alert. Don’t miss a chance to be first to try CoC after the maintenance break is finished.

Do you think that we will finally see the greatest update ever? Or do you have major worries about it? Please share your opinion in the below-listed section. It is very much appreciated!