Clash Of Clans: November’s Sneak Peek of New Features

Just a week ago, a tiny Halloween-related option was launched for the epic mobile strategy CoC, but it can be considered to be just a preamble to the set of the most impressive changes in the game’s history. The first ClashCon, a long-awaited occasion, ended a couple of days ago. It proved that a revolution is just around the corner, and in the upcoming weeks Supercell will gradually reveal a great number of new modifications for this top update.

It was just summer when CoC surprised its fans with a massive update that presupposed unconventional features. In September, Clashers were delighted to find out that it was just the tip of the iceberg. We managed to find out several substantial facts and we are going to give a sneak peek at this information.

ClashCon was a bit strange. Even though the prominent authorities of CoC hosted a big event with mini Clan wars, they did not tell much about the upcoming changes. They stated that new amazing features are almost there, and that was it. In such a way, they just created a hype instead of revealing a mystery to the audience.

Now when ClashCon has ended, gamers are more curious than ever about what is going on and when the promised update will be released. Unluckily, the Clash of Clans most likely won’t deliver any hints in October, so we will have to wait at least till the middle of the following month. Even though the day X has not been announced, Supercell claimed that they are willing to provide some details regarding the most anticipated update ever. It makes us think that the company prepared a mind-boggling number of surprises for Clashers. Once the enterprise will be done with teasers, we will see the update.

We have looked at all the possible hints and analyzed the info out there to figure out several central features that we are about to enjoy.

First and the most important is TH11 featuring a unique design, a modification that we could not even imagine. Most probably it will pay 1250 as opposed to 1000 gold it costs now to upgrade.

The next great news is a 3d superhero that most probably will be presented only for the latest TH versions. But since the work is still in progress, we can’t tell exactly how it will look like.

Innovative defensive structures resembling an inferno tower and mortar simultaneously is a revolutionary feature for clan wars. In addition, die-hard players with TH11 will benefit from bigger bases, barbarians level 8, new spells, single player options, new quests, etc.

We can’t tell exactly what will happen, so we can just speculate. However, we believe the aforementioned features are going to be presented in the nearest future. Let’s just be patient and let Supercell impress us.