Halloween at CoC + ClashCon Details!

There is a lot of speculation around Supercell’s promise to reveal anticipated updates to the mobile strategy game of all times, Clash of Clans, for Halloween. According to some indicators, there won’t be tiny irrelevant updates as the company decided to play big this time. The changes will concern the mechanics and design of CoC.

There is a confirmation that changes will represent Halloween’s theme. Therefore, the major areas that will be modified include settings and the graphical user interface. In addition, some sources claim that the company will present a night-time mode of the game, which will impress many players. Indeed, it is interesting how such modifications will influence some of game processes, like raiding or farming.

According to the aforementioned sources, when the night mode is on, the buildings will be illuminated, while gems will also glow the base. Beside from the fact that new tweaks will create a special ambiance, how will they affect battles and attacks? It’s out of the question that visibility will be reduced; therefore, it will be more complicated to attack your enemies. Still, this innovation can be viewed as a new challenge that will boost the interest towards the game. The major part of non-gaming audience believe that CoC is just another game that is similar to many others. However, it is not true for Clash of Clans as it incorporates two quite different concepts: the sense of community and the sense of competition. Players are doing their best to obtain as many gems, trophies and victories as possible to get to the highest league. The new option leaves many users wondering about its influence on the attacks. Actually, some people are really worried that they may not like it at the end. However, there is good news for such gamers as the night mode is gonna be a switchable feature, which means that you can turn it off whenever you like. To be honest, it is a little bit odd that such an impressive feature that can have a global effect on the battles and defenses is easily controlled by the gamers. Anyway, Clashers will soon have a chance to see with their own eyes what surprises Supercell has prepared for them.

Die-hard fans and amateurs who are willing to solve the mystery should definitely consider attending ClashCon. It will be the first prominent official event for CoC. Gamers keep their expectations high, as they believe that they will get exclusive details in regards of future game updates. There is a rumor that Supercell will provide images and maybe even videos of new versions of the game. However, it is impossible to say for sure that developers will share any spoilers. So, keep calm and attend ClashCon to figure it out. It is worth mentioning that critics state that CoC is one of the fastest changing mobile games available today. The gamer base is growing at an unprecedented scale and is constantly breaking the records!

Keep your eyes open as the latest updates will be available on this website as soon as they are out on the official forum of Supercell. We promise to keep you posted, so see you soon!