These 5 Tricks Will Boost Your Clash of Clans Play

Die-hard fans and amateurs alike enjoy keeping in touch with people who share their interests, and over 50 million players of Clash of Clans are no exception.

Josh Peters, also known as KoopaTroopa787 - one of the most influential CoC fans, shares his top 5 tricks that can enhance your game experience in no time! Josh has over 80,000 followers who are already using his secrets and enjoying Clash of Clans like insiders.

1. Choose an Active Clan

The sense of community is often a major reason why so many people enjoy online games. Even though Clash of Clans is a bit different from the gaming sagas available on the Internet, it still unites numerous fans. Therefore, if you love communication and are willing to experience all the benefits of CoC, select clans with active members and do your best to be one them. Josh states that for the past eight months he enjoyed being part of Reddit Troopers, the top war attackers in the game. This has significantly increased his satisfaction from CoC.

2. Chat with Your Clan via an App

Effective communication is key for outstanding gaming experience. Even when you don’t discuss any strategic steps, it’s always fun to drop a line to your clan mates. Bindle is a great app for iOS and Android that allows you to share pictures and participate in conversations. Josh Peters uses it when talking to his numerous Twitch subscribers. The most valuable Bindle’s features are its image editor and drawing tool that makes it easy to plan attacks and stay in touch with your team by using only one app. Serious players believe that Bindle is a CoC’s must.

3. Choose the Right Location for Your Town Hall

The Town Hall plays a crucial role when it comes to building and upgrading. Therefore, carefully consider you strategies when choosing a location for it. When farming, it is beneficial to keep the Town Hall in a corner. It means that in case of attack it will be destroyed before your base. You will have a 12-hour shield for your clan that will stop multiple attacks until you decide to attack other players. Normally, this strategy ensures saving resources needed for upgrading expensive structures, i.e. an X-Bow.

4. Spend Wisely

To make the most out of the resources available, you need to boost productivity of your spell factory, barracks and heroes. By using your gems wisely, you will reduce the recovery time and make spells at the lowest possible cost. A simple proof that this works is the fact that you will get a greater amount of loot from raids rather than if you just spend gems on refills. Actually, if you opt for refilling storages you will waste the gems as you can be 2.5 times more effective if you boost collectors and just wait.

However, if you can afford pouring money down the drain, you can fill storages. But if you are pennywise, then just boost as much as you can! If you think that you’ll play Clash of Clans for a long time, the best investment is builder huts, which is actually the next trick.

5. Spend on Builders

Any frugal player should remember that the best way to expand a village is to invest in builders’ huts. Well, all the additional builders will cost you 3.750 gems, which means 250 from the tutorial won’t be enough. However, you can spend up to $30 to make an impressive difference in the future. Here is an example: if a player X has just two builders, while his competitor, player Z has five, in a year Z will get a 250% stronger base than X. Objectively, there is no need to use all the builders for upgrading and defending structures all the time. It is better to have a builder always available for upgrading walls.

Thank you for reading, dear Clashers! You can download Bindle from here. For more tips, secrets and recruiting, join # ClashofClans.